FranScape Partnership

FranScape is delighted to be supporting ClubHub, the one stop shop for children's activities near you.

By utilising the power of FranScape, Children's Activities networks can enjoy amazing 60 second booking for customers.

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FranScape uses cutting edge technology to smooth your customer journey and ultimately transform your business off the shelf!



  • Allow your customers to book in 60 seconds using a mobile phone
  • Admin is reduced with a My Account area
  • Elevating customer and franchisee satisfaction
  • Incredible data to aid decisions
  • Fully integrated branding
  • Flexible online experience



Built by Franchisors for Franchisors

FranScape is feature rich and constantly developing to transform networks both big and small. Having taken a number of franchised businesses through a digital transformation journey, we understand the challenges franchisors face, so we step in to minimise them.

It gives control to each stage of the business, meaning customers, franchisees and franchisors can all manage themselves. As FranScape is cloud based, this management can be done anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet!

Automation that delivers

My Pass was developed during COVID to provide a contactless ticket system to ensure consumers are in the right place at the right time.

5 Star Rated

We pride ourselves on being held to account by our customers. From the beginning we partnered with Capterra who independently verify our performance with Franchisees - you can read these by clicking on the logo below.


Visual Dashboard


Enjoy a beautiful, tailored dashboard which allows you to understand and access how your network is performing in real time. This is built to fit each client around their individual KPIs but can include for example:

  • Maps
  • Graphs
  • Monitoring of waiting lists
  • Income
  • Clients
FranScape Features



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FranScape has a simple, scalable and flexible pricing structure with a flat monthly fee and a simple transaction charge that includes all payment processing costs.


No upfront fees and no charges for onboarding.

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If after reading this you'd like to know more, we'd be happy to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration. During the demo we will walk you through all that FranScape has to offer and answer your questions along the way. FranScape really is transformational and manages huge amounts of a Children's Activity Business. 
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